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Home and Tenant Insurance in Saskatoon, SK

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Condominium Insurance

Condominium buildings are unique in that the insurance requirements are controlled by Provincial Statutes in Saskatchewan. As such, the Condo Board of Directors is obligated to purchase ‘’comprehensive’’ insurance to the full replacement value of the building and contents, as well as liability insurance in case of personal injury on the premises. The ‘’Board’’ is also required to purchase Directors and Officers insurance to cover their liability. Our Condominium Insurance carriers reassure that the proper coverage is in place to meet these requirements. They often will inspect the buildings and make loss control recommendations that benefit the condominium.


The major concern with insuring apartment buildings is that the current insurance value accurately reflects the current costs of replacing the building. Replacement Cost coverage is often available but the insurance companies often require a professional appraisal in order to provide this. An alternative to this may be a computer based Commercial Building Valuation. Our clients often use this as a starting point to help determine whether their current level of insurance is adequate. Various deductible options and liability limits are available and of course we shop the market for better rates for you.

Homeowners/Tenants/Condominium Unit Owners

Homeowners/ Tenants/ Condominium Insurance provides a service that protects you against loss or damage to your home or property through unfortunate events that might occur. It can also protect you from financial loss arising out of bodily injury to a third party and damage to a third party’s property.

If you own personal property which would be expensive to replace, you need insurance. There are policies to cover practically every situation. Whether you are a homeowner, tenant or a condominium owner, Life Line offers a package customized to meet your individual needs. We combine automated capabilities and personal expertise to provide the best competitive quote for your home situation. Our homeowners/tenants/condo insurance is selected from the best in the industry, at the most reasonable price.

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